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Heating Engineers Wykeham & Boiler Installation Wykeham… as easy as ebc

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Get The Cheapest Boiler Quote in Wykeham

Finding the perfect boiler for your Wykeham home can be a long and confusing process, gathering quotes for plumbing heating & boiler installations from multiple independent installers, always on the look out for the cheapest quote possible.

Here at EBC in Wykeham we have developed a simple, quick and easy online quote facility that will provide you with a fixed price boiler quote and this price includes a boiler installation in Wykeham, along with a few different options of new gas boilers depending on your choices. We provide a free, no-obligation quote so you can see exactly how much your plumbing and heating boiler installation in Wykeham will cost using our new boiler quote calculator. Here at EBC Wykeham we are confident that we will beat any like-for-like quote regarding a boiler installation or any boiler replacement quote in Wykeham or surrounding area for a domestic or commercial property. Contact us now via our online form or call us today!

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No Matter The Type Of Property

Residential properties across Wykeham the home of historic landmarks such as Wykeham Cricket Club & All Saints Church, Wykeham are running their homes at varied levels of efficiency. If your boiler is showing it's age, energy bills are steadily climbing or repair costs are getting out of hand, it might be time for a combi boiler replacement or a new type of boiler.

The process of finding the ideal boiler for your home can be a confusing and time consuming process. Here at the EBC a leading boiler installation service in Wykeham we have developed a simple, quick and easy online quote facility that will provide you with a optimised list of products, suited to your needs. We also provide free, no-obligation quotes broken down so you can see where exactly your money is being spent with the purchase of your new boiler from our boiler cost calculator.

We have a range of combination boiler options along with a whole host of quality products that will suit your home heating needs.

We also offer a brilliant finance scheme that gives you the option of spreading out the cost!

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Our Team Of Boiler Installers Wykeham

Here at EBC we are proud of the customer service of our gas boiler fitters & boiler installers in Wykeham. We are trusted gas safe registered gas boiler installations specialists with the right tools for all plumbing heating jobs, EBC is registered with multiple installer schemes from respected gas boiler manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal and Baxi.

All of our boilers come with a warranty including 2-year warranty, 5-year warranty all the way to 10 years so you wont be getting any bills for boiler repairs. Your boiler service can be carried out by any certified boiler servicing gas safe registered engineer just as you normally would

Choosing us for your boiler installation will provide you peace of mind, no more frequent repair bills and energy savings that will save you money in the long run.

A Spanner And Tools A Spanner And Tools

Boiler Installation Wykeham & Gas Boiler Replacements by Heating Engineers Near You


About Us

The Easy Boiler Company a specialist plumbing and heating Ltd company was founded by three gas safe registered plumbing boiler installation & professional heating engineers who saw a way in making the way people in Wykeham & commercial premises buy their new central heating systems a far more streamlined and easier experience. With this in mind and 15 years experience they got to work bringing to light the confusing and overly complications of the boiler installation process of the heating industry into the 21st century. The form we provide on our site does the home survey for us enabling us to give you fixed quote online without a call out charge beating anyone in the North Yorkshire & Wykeham.

Here at EBC we pride ourselves on our reviews, customer service, expertise and impeccable boiler installation services in Wykeham providing top of line A-rated boilers at a fair price that won't break the bank. Although we can provide boiler repairs and heating services it is generally installations that we specialise in rather than maintenance. Our reviews on professional boiler services in your location speak for themselves and we get the job done right so no boiler repairs needed!

So what are you waiting for? Check our reviews & contact us today by filling out our quote form or call us and let us start your boiler installation!


What Type Do I Need?

When enquiring about a new gas boiler or boiler installations it is always best to get some expert knowledge from a boiler engineer as usually they normally have all the answers and need to do a home survey, but if you wish to find out yourself it's always best to take notice of three important factors when selecting your new boiler.

First is the amount of available space you have at your disposal as this can possibly be biggest factor in what boiler you get for your boiler installations. If your property is particularly small or has limited storage space it might make it difficult or impossible to have a separate tank. In instances where space is limited a combi boiler might be your best option.

Secondly it is important to consider that you may want to keep he same system that is currently heating your home! It is normally in your best interest to keep the same system as costs can quickly build up, possibly going over budget if you choose to change the boiler installations system entirely. Replacing the gas boiler system is usually the best option for older homes but new builds will have the ideal setup in place. To keep your system in tip-top shape you should book an annual gas boiler service as some extended guarantees require you to do so and boiler servicing is required by landlords because of the risks of carbon monoxide the silent killer.  

Remember that a different system will also require different amounts of space and might be not suitable.

Lastly you should look into how much hot water you actually use in your household this can be determined by taking a quick stroll around your home. Take note of how many showers and baths you may have and how often multiple outlets are using hot water. If you come to the conclusion that you require a larger supply of hot water a system boiler or conventional gas boiler maybe the answer you are looking for.


Free Boiler Grants Wykeham

If you live in Wykeham and your old boiler is either old or not performing once as it was, you might be eligible for the governments Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) Scheme. These boilers could not only be costing you money with its lacklustre performance but are also damaging the environment! Figuratively costing the planet! Your Wykeham home could be eligible for this scheme that helps pay towards the repairing or replacement of your boiler.


Free Boiler Grant Wykeham. Do You Qualify?

The Energy Companies Obligation Scheme (also known as the ECO) is here to help you heat your home while making it cheaper to heat and reduce carbon emissions. To qualify for this grant you must be the recipient of one of the many Tax Credits, Allowances or Government Benefits that are detailed in the article here about free boiler grants.


Plumbing Heating Engineer Accreditations

Here are a list of our professional accreditations from manufacturers and industry recognised companies gained from our 15 years experience.


Gas Safe Registered Boiler Installations Wykeham

All of us at EBC plumbing and heating Ltd in Wykeham take our installation service, gas safety and homeowner & customers safety seriously. The EBC is an accredited and registered on the Gas Safe Register. The Gas Safe Register is the official gas safety organisation in Great Britain, membership to this register is mandatory for any organisation or engineers working with gas appliances, gas boiler service & repairs anywhere in the country because of the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Want to verify this? Call 0800 408 5500 or contact them via the official Gas Safe Register Website.


OFTEC Registered Gas Engineers Wykeham

We are also proud members of OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) so our customers are safe in the knowledge that if you are off-grid and looking for a new gas boiler or water heating. We are certified gas engineer`s and qualified in servicing & install your new central heating system be it oil, solid fuel or gas etc.

To find out more about OFTEC visit their website or contact them on 01473 626 298.


Licenced Ideal Boiler Installer Wykeham

For over 100 years Ideal have been providing customers and the nations homeowner`s with the best quality reliable gas boilers to across the nation. Ideal remains a leader of the domestic and commercial heating with their extensive range of high efficiency models of gas boilers.

We are extremely proud to bear the accolade of being an accredited installers of Ideal Boiler combi boilers.


Official Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers Wykeham

Starting all the way back in 1962 Worcester (Worcester Bosch) became apart of the Worldwide Bosch Group in 1996 and Bosch remain a market leader in the UK. Bosch offer a wide range of products such as hot water cylinders and eco friendly heating systems such as solar water heating.

Here at the EBC we are proud to be a recognised Worcester Bosch qualified installers. 



Heating Energy Options

Having the right type of fuel is like having the right tool for the job. It is essential in keeping your home toasty and energy efficient throughout the year. But each fuel type has it's own unique properties and uses for different types of homes. To take you through the confusing world of fuel types we have made a handy breakdown of each fuel type allowing you to make a more informed professional decision in how you choose to heat your home on your own terms.


Plumbing and Heating Engineers in Wykeham

Being the most common type of fuel available and used for local plumbing heating services & heating engineers in Wykeham, gas is one of the simplest options of fuel choice for those who homes are connected to the gas grid. This fuel type is on average 3 to 4 times cheaper that electricity per kWh, so when your heating your home or hot water with a gas boiler you are actually saving money and keeping those energy bills down! 

An additional benefit of gas is that it is the cleanest fossil fuel! Natural gas produces less than half of the CO2 emissions that is produced by oil and a third in comparison to coal! Also all new gas boilers installed by heating services (plumbing and heating Ltd Companies) need to meet at least 92% of ErP Efficiency ratings, as most modern combi boiler models are A-rated & energy efficient and low maintenance.

The only drawback with using gas and combi boilers is the fact you must be directly connected to the gas grid. You do have the option of connecting your home to the gas grid but it can be quite costly. If your home is not connect to the gas grid it would be beneficial to consider a different fuel type.


Electric Boilers in Wykeham

The humble electric boiler heats your home central heating system and hot water by using a heating element which then pumps the heated H2O around your home. This type of new boiler are on average more efficient and reliable but it does not mean that this type of boiler fuel is the most eco-friendly as electricity can be generated from renewable energy solutions (solar, hydroelectric, etc.).

As previously mentioned electricity can heat your central heating with hardly any loss of heat compared to gas boiler and low maintenance, but this type of boiler is a great option for those homes and domiciles in Wykeham & North Yorkshire and local areas that are on he smaller size all thanks to it's compact size. Electric boilers are also more likely to be cheaper to install and are a great option for homes that are not connect to the UK gas grid!

Immediately the major disadvantage to this kind of boiler is that, yes it runs on electricity and areas that are prone to frequent power cuts and outages. Also this can seriously hike up your bill as gas costs far less in comparison to electricity.

Finally if you have a particularly large home this type of fuel is not going to heat your home appropriately.


Oil Boiler Installations Wykeham

Unlike gas and electricity, oil is not available on demand to local homeowner`s for central heating system boiler`s and hot water. This will require you to monitor the amount of fuel you have and ordering more when you need it. Storage of your tank can also be a factor as most tanks are stored underground but if you require or want your storage tank above ground it will need a solid, level and non combustible base to sit upon which can take up a fair amount of space. 


LPG Boiler installations Wykeham

Similar to Oil, liquefied petroleum gas is a fantastic option for central heating and your hot water if your home is completely off grid (gas and electricity) this type of fuel is considerably cheaper and a perfect reliable replacement and not a bad choice when it comes to maintenance and services. While being cheaper it is also a 'cleaner' fuel source as it produces between 15 - 20% less carbon when used. Another benefit of this type of fuel is that you are given a far wider choice of boilers (Worcester Bosch, Ideal & Baxi) in comparison to the the other option.

The cost of running this type of fuel for central heating and hot water is higher per kWh for the homeowner when put up against gas, oil, etc. Similar to oil you will need to monitor the levels of your fuel tank as you would not to be in the unfortunate situation of being left without fuel before you can get your next delivery! Finally you will need to procure a storage tank to hold all of your fuel, you can either buy or rent a tank from your supplier and store it in your garden, so take note as this will incur additional costs.


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