How we work… the easy way

Our simple process allows you to find and pick a boiler that’s right for you, arrange installation and pay online

1. Answer

Answer the simple steps about your home (we may ask for pictures at the end).

2. Choose

Choose your boiler package - we will provide a list of boilers, controls and radiator valves for you to choose from. We will also provide the recommendation for which boilers we think will best suit your home and your needs.

3. When

Choose your install date, we will provide a list of install dates to choose from and an estimated time it will take for us to complete the job

4. Pay

Pay using our online pay system, or use our finance link to pay monthly

5. Installation

We will turn up with everything on the day of install you have chosen. A high quality, qualified, friendly installer will call you the night before to arrange times and any other necessary arrangements (e.g Parking arrangements, access to the boiler, gas meter, water stop tap, etc)

6. Sign Off

Sign off - the most important part! We will run through your new boiler, the controls and check you're happy with the work and how to use your new boiler and controls

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