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Are EBC fitters Gas Safe and OFTEC registered?

Yes. All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered & OFTEC registered, Licenced Ideal Boiler Installers & Official Worcester Bosch Accredited installers. We work to the highest of standards. Take a look at some of the team's work on the Easy Boiler Company Instagram page.

Gas Safe Registration No.651323

How does EBC work?

Here at the Easy Boiler Company, our mission is to ensure that buying a new boiler is made as easy as possible. We understand that people have busy lives and waiting around for salesmen to arrive for appointments just isn't practical, so we did something about it!

To break the process down, you answer a range of simple questions, we recommend the best boiler options to suit your needs, you either pay in full or apply for finance and then choose your install date. It’s that easy!

How do I keep up my warranty?

In order for your warranty to be upheld an annual service would be required, we will send you a reminder when yours is due.

Which lenders do EBC use?

We work with KANDOO,

Switcha Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number: 828963.

What cover do I get on my boiler?

All of our boilers will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the manufacturer, some can be as high as 10 years.

Can I pay monthly and how does it work?

Yes. If you decide to go for finance we give you the option to pay monthly at the end of the online service. Here you will be directed to our lending partner KANDOO, once finished you can pick your install date.

Can I change my installation date once the job has been booked in?

Yes. Customers can change their installation date 48 hours prior to the day of the appointment.

What is a flue?

The flue is one of the most important parts of the boiler regarding safety and is the part of the boiler that gets rid of the harmful gasses produced when burning gas. flues can be round or square and can come out of the wall or out of the roof.

What do I do if my boiler breaks down?

In the unfortunate event of your boiler breaking down you can get in touch with Easy Boiler Company or go straight to the manufacturer, please have your paperwork at hand when calling in.

Who does my annual service?

Anybody who has a gas safe registration can service your boiler.

Will my heating system get flushed out?

All installations carried out by Easy Boiler Company receive a complimentary chemical flush. This process involves a cleaner being added to the system and ran until up to temperature, it is then drained off and once complete a system inhibitor (protector) is added.

What does my warranty cover?

Your warranty completely covers your boiler, as long as it is serviced regularly.

What is a magnetic system filter?

A magnetic system filter is an important addition to your heating system, as it extracts metal particles and debris that flow through the pipework. It can ensure a longer life for your boiler, keeping your heating system rust free.

Why replace my old boiler instead of getting it repaired?

Replacing your boiler eliminates the worry of breakdowns and high bills to fix it. When buying a new boiler they come with lengthy parts and labour warranty so if any problems do occur they will be repaired by the manufacturer at no cost as long as it is still in warranty and the service record is up to date.

What is a system boiler?

The system boiler like it's heat only boiler counterpart utilises a hot water cylinder, but the major difference seperating the two is that a system boiler is not open-vented. For example there is no tank tucked away in your loft and all the other fixings and accompaiments that would be outside the traditional heat only boiler these are all neatly hidden away within the boiler.

This type of boiler is a great option for those households that need to use it on a highly regular basis or have multiple bathrooms. Be it multiple showers in the home or numourous rooms that need heating. This depends entirly on the good water pressure, if the water pressure is not up to scratch this boiler will not perform well.

What happens with my old boiler and rubbish?

All of our waste material is recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

What is a combi boiler?

We are talking about one of the most popular type of domestic boilers the Combination Boiler or 'Combi Boiler' for short. Being a common boiler type, you have many combi boiler options including gas combi boilers, LPG combi boilers and oil boilers. Also you can get this type of boiler from multiple brands and can come with various controls such as your standard thermostat, wireless thermostat and even your phone or digital display!

The Combi Boiler heats water using a heat exchanger directly from the cold water mains providing practically instantaneous hot water on demand!  

This is a stark difference from the 'traditional' heating system as they store hot water in preperation of use, where the Combi Boiler has done away with this potentially space-eating addition. All of your heating and hot water needs are handled entirely in a single unit.

The Combi Boiler also has lower maintence costs in comparison to it's counterparts. Another benfit of this tye of boiler is that it is considerably more energy efficient keeping those pesky energy bills low.

The only major drawback from Combi Boilers is that they do not perform well in homes with poor water pressure.

What size do I need?

The first thing you should consider is the demand of hot water, this can be determined by your households daily use of your current boiler (heating, taking a shower, having a bath etc.). You should also take into mind the amount of space your have to play with, wanting a larger boiler could be difficult if your home is on the smaller side.  

What are thermostatic radiator valves?

Thermostatic radiator valves are an important addition to any heating system and will save you money on your heating bills. Taking the temperature of the air around them, thermostatic radiator valves close when the room is up to temperature, meaning the colder rooms in your home get warmer.

On completion of your boiler installation, our engineers will also balance your radiators making sure that each radiator is adequately heated.

Whats the price or cost of a combi boiler installation/replacement?

The price of installing a boiler can vary, this is impacted by the type of boiler you choose to install and where you wish to have it. Moving your boiler to another room in the home or placing it into the garage can make the price rise. Your first port of call is to use a comparison website gathering prices from national installers, providing you with their charge of quotes and terms.  

Here at the Easy Boiler Company we have put together a survey that has dramatically streamlined the standards of the new boiler purchasing process. Just answer a series of simple questions and you will be given a online quote, breaking down the costs of your new boiler including adding wifi enalbled devices.

What is a heat only boiler?

The heat only boiler is considered by the majority of heating bloggers and writers to be the 'regular' or  traditional boilers. Now how the heat only boiler supplies your home with heat is a tad more complex in comparison to the standard Combi Boiler installations, as the Heat Only Boiler works on a open-vented heating system or on a sealed system aswell.

What is an open vented system?

An open-vented system utilises a F&E (Feed and Expansion) tank the would be located in the highest point of the system (usally located in the loft). When water is subsenquently heated the tank expands, taking in all of the water from expansion the system will eventually cool down. At this point the F&E tank 'feeds' the now heated water back into the system, keeping those radiators radiating heat thus keeping your home warm in those chilly winter months!

But where is the 'Open Vent'? I hear you ask! Well the open vent is a piece of pipe that is located above the tank and bends round over into the unit. This pipe is a safety measure, with the purpose of releasing excess pressure within the system in the occassion of a over-heat fault situatuion.

This type of heating system is still used in many homes across Britain today as in some homes this system is the more suitable setup.

What is a sealed heating system?

Replacing the previously mentioned F&E (Feed and Expansion) tank, the sealed system constitutes of an expansion vessel which allows the system water to expand within as the water heats. When the system eventually cools down, the now pressurised vessel allows the heated water back into the system.

Replacing the open vent pipe, the sealed system features a pressure relief valve that opens when in the event of an over pressure fault that ejects the surplus out. (The valve remains closed in standard operating procedures) Within this sysem their is no float valve that would normally automatically allow water back into the system, in place of this water needs to manually replenished through the 'filling loop'. 

The filling loop is connects the system to the main piping network. When switched on it makes a temporary connection to the mains, allowing water to fill with water. The filling loop also features a pressure gauge guiding you when filling.

What do I need to do before my fitter arrives?

Before the arrival of your engineer, we would ask you to make sure that the boiler, gas meter and water stop tap are all accessible. Our engineers will work with you though if you're struggling with heavy items.

What is a smart thermostat and what do I need to have one installed?

A smart thermostat is a choice for most people when picking their new boiler. These programmable thermostats are simple to use and can be used to control your heating from your phone.

However, if you feel like you wouldn't be suited to a smart thermostat we offer more standard controls for you to choose from.

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